Digital Artist and Animator


Trudy Elmore is an artist translating  the dramatic narratives and posturing of classical painting into the digital realm.

Translating the dramatic narratives and posturing
of classical painting into the digital realm.


Based in animation, installation and print, Elmore's practice explores issues  of impermanence and technological evolution. Elmore says,“with the rise of archetypal figures like the cyborg and A.I.— we are being forced to  question the ontological gap between nature and technology.” This intersection  of spirituality and technology she finds most fascinating. Her methods  characteristically involve both advanced 3d rendering techniques and humanoid  forms.

Elmore received  the Governor General’s Award (2016) when she graduated from OCAD University  with a BFA in the Digital Painting and Expanded Animation (DPXA)  specialization.


Machine Age Massive 
Art Gallery of Ontario
Walker Court: "Digital Age" Video Installation
April 2017, Toronto ON

Zalucky Contemporary - Summer 2017


Looking Glass Digital Electric Objects, JAN 2017 - Online
VOLUME OnlyOne Gallery, JAN 2017 - Toronto, ON
Anybody's Ascension  HUNTCLUB Gallery, NOV 2016 to JAN 2017 - Toronto, ON
Yorkville Village Arts Festival, NOV 2016 - Toronto, ON  
Other World's Lieutenant Governor General's Suite,  SEPT to DEC 2017 - Toronto, ON
Terraforming Trinity Square Video, JULY to AUG 2016 - Toronto, ON
It's Not U It's Me Power Plant, August 2016 - Toronto, ON
Luminato Festival - Pre-Science, The Hearn, JUNE 2016 - Toronto, ON
BRB 811, MAY 2016 - Toronto, ON
Augmented Cinema The Royal,  MAY 2016 - Toronto, ON
GRADEX 2016 OCAD University,  MAY 2016 - Toronto, ON
Next Exit FilmFestival Cine Cycle, APRIL 2016 - Toronto, ON
The Beaux Art Ball - Weird Sisters Steam Whistle Brewery, APRIL 2016 - Toronto, ON
Toronto Images Festival - VulgarEra Xpace Cultural Centre,  MARCH 2016 - Toronto, ON
Ryan Gander: LAX Ada SlaightGallery- FEB 2016 - Toronto, ON
The Figure Show The Great Hall & OCAD University, FEB 2016 - Toronto, ON
Video Fever Trinity Square Video, JAN 2016 - Toronto, ON
REALIZED Ada Slaight Gallery, OCT 2015 - Toronto, ON
Toronto Loves Fashion, FashionLovesToronto Urban Gallery Installation, 2015 - Toronto, ON
DPXA Year-End Screening Handlebar, 2015- Toronto, ON
Pedro Ryes: SlowSmiling OCAD University Graduate Gallery, 2014 - Toronto, ON