Digital Artist and Animator


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 Algorythms explores the circus of humanity that is our online and digital lives: the sublime and the inferior, the monotony and the sensationalism, the artifice and the hyper-reality, the isolationism and the ever-expanding public sphere(s). A experimental animation created in 2017, using motion capture technology and 3D software.  Algorythms was recently shown at Hybrid Art Fair 2019, in Madrid. It was translated into a VR experience, in 2018 and can be viewed on the V/Art app.  For screening information contact TRU.e @ mail. com


//Stranded Assets


Stranded Assets is an experimental animation that situates the viewer above and below the platform of an offshore oil rig: the fragment of a once-promising extractive industry. Human skeletons interact with screens from the past and present, probing this “new way of seeing” in an effort to understand the way we’ve adapted to our machines (or, perhaps, the ways we’ve been unable to adapt). The human, yet non-human presence plays with the viewer’s sense of time and space, while gesturing to a common desire to find meaning through online or digital experiences. Stranded Assets won Equitable Bank’s Emerging Digital Artist Award in 2016 and was screened at Harvard University in 2017. For screening information contact TRU.e @ mail. com